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Trung Sai Tieu

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16.00 Grams
Free Shipping
Amenities Free
This Driver,Trung Sai Tieu, does serving top best Amenities of varieties of foods and drinks 16 ounces & up, except alcohols for riders. Please bookings advance onlin, texts, e-mails, offlines, and calls and select your free amenities here for your order detail needs from Trung's Restaurants. Inc.

Egg Taco Supreme Pork Fried Rice Chowmein Ground Beef Vegetable Chowmein
Ground Beef Fried Rice Ground Beef Fried Rice Sautéed Sausages & Eggs Steam Rice Stir Fried Rice, Eggs & Beefs

Sauteed Beefsteaks & Eggs Sauteed Beefsteaks & Eggs Sautéed Fish Springroll Sautéed Fish Springrolls Fried Rice Sausages